Losing Weight but Not Losing Weight on the scale?

 You have been on the weight loss journey, and you have been weighing yourself pretty regularly… well, because it is the normal thing to do. However, you are not losing weight on the scale!

I am sorry to disappoint you, but your weight is not just a number but something that can actually change the way you feel about yourself.

It may sound strange but it is possible to get thinner but your weight remains constant. This happens when you lose body fat while gaining muscle. So, if you are losing inches and the weight remains the same, you are doing something right. Focus on fat loss, not weight loss.

Do you know the scale weight changes throughout the day, sometimes as much as 5kg, depending on what and how often you eat and drink, and if you are retaining water or not.

Just because the scale says you are not losing weight doesn’t mean you are not losing weight.

Other measures you can use include:

Use dress sizing

Take your measurement to see if you are losing inches

Set performance goals: focus on your overall health not just weight loss

Do not let an object discourage you from crushing your goals!

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