Hey Hey dears, happy new month.

Isn’t it amazing how fast the days run. Seems like yesterday, we were all making new year resolutions. And already, the year is half gone.

So think of the resolutions you made January 1st. Do you feel fulfilled? Or Have you forgotten what decisions you made then?


Many of us resolved  to be more active , embrace a healthy life style, stay off junk foods, e.t.c.  Have you been steadfast?

Well if you haven’t, Ariella Fitness gives you an opportunity every month to take part in her monthly challenges. This month, we are jumping. 50 jumps daily. The good part of this exercise is that it can be done anywhere. Even right beside your bed.


Stay accountable. Put up videos or even pictures of your foods on Instagram using hashtag #jumptogreatnessinjuly #ariellafitness. Tell someone. The more the merrier!