Presently, there is no event that takes place in Nigeria, or even a Nigerian party in Obodo oyibo (white man’s land), that does not have small chops served as appetizer. Small chops has different grades. Some are more enticing with extras than other. However as long as its small chops, it’s hard for me to turn my eyes away. Like I really have to pray so so hard.

photo credit: Nairaland

Well…..that was until I realized the calories in a regular pack of small chops.

Springroll 178cal

Samosa 252cal

Puff puff (small sized) 84cal

Plantain puff 96cal

Total  Calories (without fried chicken) = 610cal (approximately One hour jog at moderate intensity by a 72 kg man)

By the time you add the calories from the fried gizzard and chicken, we will be consuming over 800calories as just appetizer.

Main course kwanu?

You see why it is tough to be great in Naija! 🙁

So as you go partying, eat with caution! Lest you blame that skirt that feels tighter on your village people cutting your cloth while you sleep!

Have a good weekend.