I have been on this weight loss/healthy lifestyle matter for over 10 years now, since after my 1st baby.  I have tried all diets known to man. From Cabbage soup diet, to liquid diet  and up to the ketogenic diet. Truthfully i always put in my best and i lose a lot of weight. But then i get bored. I start to miss regular meals. And they weight comes back in grand style, like it never left. Imagine going for a Lagos party and not having party Jollof!
It has been really tough Coach, Ada complained to me. “I am Tired” she ended with a deep sigh.



How can i tell Ada that i am tired also. She thinks i have it all together. Or does she think i am super human? No! Even the best of us on this healthy lifestyle journey get tired. There are days when you just want to have a 1 litre bowl of Chocolate and Vanilla Ice cream and a 14″ sized pepperoni pizza.  It is OK to have one of those days… Only if it is one day!

We are all human. Sometimes even a job you love so much can be very tiring and exhausting. But does that mean you give up? Does that mean you quit work? When there are still bills to pay?? And you have not yet been able to afford your dream vacation?

You do not quit! You are allowed one day to cry! You are allowed one day to sulk! You are allowed one day to binge! Then you get up!
And keep pushing. Because, you are stronger than that obstacle. Because, soon, you will realize that you just need to maintain a healthy lifestyle! You do not need diets. Because, soon you will realize that you need the book EAT TO LOSE WEIGHT by Dr Chinasa Amadi (drchinasa@ariellafitness.com) in your corner.

Because, sustainable weight loss is a never ending process. The healthy lifestyle is a journey, not a destination!