How to overcome emotional eating


Hello Tribe,

My name is Chinasa and I am an emotional eater.


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For those of us that don’t know what this means, an emotional eater is one that turns to food for consolation when on an emotional roller coaster or when under stressful conditions.

Research has shown that under stressful conditions, the human body does not utilize food well, thus leading to insulin resistance and larger waist line.

If you live in a city like Lagos, where stress is almost a routine state of mind, then you need to find a balance. When you cannot change the stressful situation, then you change what goes into your mouth. You change your attitude.


The first step to overcoming emotional eating is to admit you have a problem.Then device ways to tackle the problem.

Stay away from junk food or sugar when you are stressed, if you don’t have them with you, you won’t eat them.

Exercise helps relieve stress. A 15 minute home work out or run will go a long way. Exercise helps curb cravings and you will not even want to ruin all your hard work.

Yoga is a good way to establish connection between mind and body and you will eat only when hungry.

Have healthy treats close by. If you are at work, and you feel the stress mounting, reach for your drawers, get out an apple or pear and crunch on very slowly. Savor the sweetness, drink a lot of water and smile!

Remember, emotional food does not change the emotional stress.  It only makes your clothes tighter.

I am not any better today; I just learnt to make better choices.