How to make a healthy burger


This recipe is a very simple go to, quick munch.

1 Whole wheat bun

2 slices of Cheddar cheese

1 round cut hard tomatoes

4 leaves of lettuce

1/2 sliced cucumbers

1/2 bulb Onions

Some salt and ground fresh pepper

Shredded Fish ¬†or chicken breast (I used catfish ūüôā ¬†)

Wash your vegetables well in Salt or vinegar.  Allow to drip dry in serve.

Slice bun in 2 and lightly toast the center on a heated pan.

Caramelize the onion,  ground pepper and fish together.  Add salt to taste.

On one half bun Layer in this order lettuce,  cheddar,  cucumbers,  caramelized onions and fish,  tomatoes,  cheddar,  lettuce and 2nd half of bun.  Finish

Now just sit down, balance well and eat like a boss.

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