how to get rid of the baby fat!

Childbirth is one of the major culprits why a lot of women stay overweight post baby. Why? Well nature definitely played a fast one there on most of us. Carrying another human being for 9 months is definitely not an easy feat, so bear with your body if it chooses to change in various unpleasant forms during the course of pregnancy.

Now the thing is your body doesn’t have to remain the same post baby. Yes it doesn’t. But alas, in our community, we encourage carrying along that extra weight even after the baby is born. I have heard so many excuses. Life can be full of excuses yes, but is that how you want to live your life? Always be in touch with your doctor at every step of your recovery process.


Now what can you do? I understand pregnancy cravings can be disastrous, but then you can apply some level of self discipline. Because you crave a 2 Liter bottle of coke doesn’t mean you have to drink it. By the way, it doesn’t have any benefit on your growing angel. SELF DISCIPLINE is primary. Your body will accept what you give it. Trust me, you have more control in you than you can imagine.

Because you are pregnant does not mean you have to be a couch potato, except you have been intentionally placed on bed rest by your doctor.



So when do you start working out after baby? As soon as you get clearance from your doctor. Usually, with vaginal delivery, its after 6 weeks. While with cesarean section its after 12 weeks(without any complications in both cases). But still you have to start very gradually, your body has been through a lot. You can start with 30 min leisure walk then step it up from there. But as i always say, listen to your body. if you ain’t up for it, try another time..


Where control should be applied most is in what we eat. Here in 9ja, women eat so much and the excuse is  breastfeeding. Now the truth is if you used to eat 1200 calories a day, as a breast feeding mother, you need an extra 500 calories (for single baby) and 800-1000 calories (for multiple birth). Not more

To be continued….

**Always consult your doctor before you embark on any fitness routine**
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