How to get rid of baby fat 2

Welcome to part 2 of how to get rid of post baby fat.

Loosing weight seems an uphill task after the babies come.  But really,  it doesn’t have to be. All we need to do is apply some discipline.

Now I previously talked about diet.  ‘Dieting’  is not recommended for Pregnant or breast-feeding mothers. But that is not an excuse to live on meatpie and sausage rolls.

What can you eat.?

Oats- this is one very favored meal post pregnancy.  It is very filling,  rich in Fibre and iron. And it also helps the flow of breast milk.  You can garnish your oats with fruits and nuts for added nourishment.

Vegetables –  the importance of vegetables can not be over emphasized. Helps build your blood level and gives you added energy for breastfeeding.  Invest in your green vegetables like Ugu,  Spinach,  water leaves,  okazi. You will be glad you did.

Proteins- enjoy your milk,  lean beef,  chicken,  egg whites in appropriate quantities.

Complex carbohydrates –  stay away from white carbs.  Brown rice,  wheat,  quinoa,  bulgur,  acha, sweet potatoes,  beans,  should be your choice of carbs.

Snacks: snack with wisdom.  Most times we eat up our day’s allowance of calories in snacks.  Almonds,  cashew nuts,  coconuts,  fruits are healthy options of snacks.  Don’t have more than 1-2serving sizes daily.


You can start Walking as soon as you are cleared by your doctor. The benefits of walking can not be overemphasized.  Start gradually.  Walk instead of taking the bus.  Take baby steps.

As soon as you feel stronger,  start jogging.  Burpees and squats are excellent total body workouts.  Go online and check out correct forms of working out.  Don’t just watch workout videos.  Follow along.

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