How to avoid ‘the extra Kgs’ this holiday.

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Merry Christmas lovelies!!

I have been meaning  to share a few tips with you to help you not  pile up excess calories  this holiday season.


With so much to eat and drink the temptation is high.. but hey! You still can let down your hair and have fun. Just remember these….


Tip 1:

Always drink at least 50cl of water before you start eating


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Tip 2:

Use small sized plates for your meals


Tip 3:

Do more meat and salads, and less of the rice meals.


Tip 4:

Listen to your body. If you are full, stop eating and keep food for later.



Tip 5:

Take a piece of any snack option. And DO NOT go back for more.


Tip 6:

If you go visiting, eat what you are offered. Just remember to tell your host, you are watching your weight.


Tip 7:

Try to do 100 jumping Jacks every morning before you step out of the bedroom. You can even do it in 5 min before you step into the bathroom.


Tip 8:

Drink at least 3.5L of water daily. That way you will be fuller for longer. And also excreting out excess toxins.


Tip 9:

Tell your self “I am disciplined and I do not have long-a-throat” before you start eating.


Tip 10:

You can go through the season without adding extra weight. Remember, the essence of the season. Not food alone.

Have a Very Merry Christmas celebration.

I Love You all!