Hello June!

So like play, like play, we are already in the 6th month of the year. Its amazing how time flies. One minute we were making New year resolutions, another minute we are singing Christmas songs. O di egwu o!


So back to resolutions. One of the most common resolutions is a commitment to healthy living. Hmmm! Stop junk foods and exercise more regularly and probably loose some weight.

How has that resolution been so far?

How much have you achieved in your struggle?
Have you lost some weight? Is there a change in your lifestyle?

You see bah, these things are easier said than done. That is why i always advocate committing every action of yours to the Most High. Eating clean, exercising and loosing weight takes a lot of grace. And you can not do it on your own.

Will power and discipline are key.

Don’t be in a position where by you will be tempted to fall short of your target. If you have friends who have cakes and small chops everyday for lunch, for communal eating, its either you let them know that you are on a journey, and they get you healthier alternatives or you change your circle.

Get a support system(s). If you are on social media platforms, follow fitness enthusiasts like “ariellafitness”  and continually stay inspired.

Read. Research. Don’t use your phone for chatting only. Go online, browse. Equip yourself with information on healthy living from credible sources. Ask questions when you do not understand.


Do what can last a life time. Don’t just apply one magic crash diet where you are meant to drink water only daily for 5 days and loose 15kg.  If you know you can not sustain a program for a life time, Then that program is not for you. follow a plan that is sustainable and reliable. (send us a mail on drchinasa@ariellafitness.com for our sustainable meal plan options).

We still have 6 more months in the year 2016. Take a stand. Make it count.