Hello! Hello! A bia la’m ooo! (i have come)

Well, well. What can i say. I am finally here. A year ago, i wouldn’t have imagined me blogging. But as they say, never say never. Shout out to DH, Biola and Oke for giving me the constant push. I hope i don’t disappoint you guys. 🙂

Quick introduction. 

My name is Chinasa. Medical doctor by profession. Mother to an angel, Wife to a ‘best man’, daughter to lovely parents, sibling to the most awesome creatures,friend to another group of sweet creatures and life coach to determined women.

This blog will be about everything. family, career, faith, fitness, food everything in general.

I will try to make each post as short and readable as possible. i understand too it can get boring.  Ehen. another thing, I use a lot of improper English. But what can i do. My mother tongue is not English, plus i truly had a really challenging time in secondary school with English as a subject. For some weird reason we just couldn’t blend. Well i have accepted what i cant change.

Biko nu. follow me on instagram @chinasatrinitta , twitter: @ariellafitness, and facebook: @ariellafitness. i stay pretty much updated more regularly there.

So my people, Have a peaceful, restful Sunday! God bless You!