Healthy Oil-less Okro soup


This is one Nigerian soup that is weight loss friendly and the truth is, you will actually not miss the oil. Did i tell you i made the soup with less than N1000?


1 part of pre cooked Chicken/fish/beef (i used fish) + stock

1 teaspoon of peppersoup spices (usually sold in a blend)
1 small onions (chopped)
4 tomatoes (cut or blend)
1 teaspoon of ground crayfish
1 cube of knorr
Cameroon pepper (as desired)
Salt to taste
2 cups of chopped okro

Turn on stove. In a pot, put in the stock from the precooked chicken/fish/meat (just enough to make your soup). Add in pepper soup spices, onions, tomatoes, crayfish, knorr cube. salt to taste, then cameroon pepper. Bring to boil.
While Boiling put in your chopped okro. (Do not cover pot). stir your soup and allow okro to soften for about 2 minutes on medium heat (do not overcook).

Add in your chicken/fish/ meat. Stir.  Then turn off stove.


Serve alone or with side like “Portion control” Eba,Oat or Acha swallow.
Try it out and tell me how you enjoyed it.
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