Healthy Living: is it all worth it?

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Its 5.30am now. And i am fighting with myself if to workout or not. But i hope i do before 6am when i have to start going to work. Although the chances are higher that i wont because i am just not in the mood.

Some days, like today, i sit and ask myself. What is the point in all this? Whats is the point trying to live healthy, trying to exercise regularly, trying to look good,trying just maintain a decent lifestyle? What is the point really? The Holy book says …..all is vanity.

On days like this i am just ‘off mood’ . And yes, i am human. Expressing very human emotions. Maybe we can put some blame on our crazy female hormones. Oh yes. Female hormones are really cra-cra-crazy.

But then i just turn to my side and i see my sweet little offspring sleeping so soundly,clinging on my leg (oh yes, she does that a lot,like she knows am about to leave the bed). And the peace on her face, says “mamma is here,so i’m safe”. That alone is the push i need to get up and keep striving. To get up and stay in the best shape of my life. To be as healthy as i can be. To be strong for all the running around her and her siblings will subject me to.

I remember my patient in the hospital who was recently diagnosed with leukemia at 36. And i remember what he told me yesterday. He said,”Doctor, i want to run. I want to feel the wind on my face. I want to stop all this transfusions, medications and get all my energy back. I used to be very athletic. I miss being so”. And here i am, with all the energy i have,  sulking!  Yes. Healthy living is worth every thing. Ability to exercise is a gift! To be able to eat vegetables and all nature’s bounty is a blessing (some people can’t chew).

I am thankful to God for strength, for health and for life. And i have to take care of my life to the best of my ability. Because he has given me the grace to do so. Are you using your gift wisely?

What is your excuse???