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Hey people!!
The year is already over. How far have you grown fitness wise? The goals you set for yourself this 2015, did you achieve it?

So you have been trying to loose weight since January, and you have failed. Do you think you have been doing something wrong? But, of course!



The thing about lasting weightloss is there is no shortcut. If you want something that will last, something that will benefit your health, then do it right. Eat clean. Train Dirty. Period!

Now that is why this coming month, Ariella Fitness will bring you a 4-week online challenge (16th Nov – 16th Dec 2015) to get your body ready for Christmas and 2016.

How will this work:

  • Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter @ariellafitness
  • Download the meal plans for detox and weight loss that will be posted up on this blog in the coming days
  • Request to join the group on FB “Ariella Fitness Santa Challenge”.
  • Additions to the group starts November 6th to November 15th
  • After you are added to the group. Follow the instructions.

You have to be ready to do this. You MUST be ready for discipline!

And did i tell you the best part? it FREE!!! So spread the message!

Oya, who is in???



  • Temmy

    November 1, 2015., 12:44 am / Reply

    Am in

    • Dr chinasa

      November 1, 2015., 8:47 am / Reply

      Please follow the instructions

      • Aisha

        November 3, 2015., 3:44 pm / Reply

        Must we follow on facebook alone?

        • Dr chinasa

          November 3, 2015., 9:01 pm / Reply

          no. you must follow in any social media. But the challenge is on Facebook.

  • zainab ibrahim

    November 1, 2015., 6:11 am / Reply

    Ma pls am ready to goin the challenge

    • Dr chinasa

      November 1, 2015., 8:48 am / Reply

      Please follow the instructions

  • I am in please

    November 1, 2015., 2:36 pm / Reply

    I am in please.

    • Dr chinasa

      November 1, 2015., 3:21 pm / Reply

      ok. please follow the instructions.


    November 1, 2015., 4:55 pm / Reply

    I will like to join pls

  • slimindreams

    November 1, 2015., 6:49 pm / Reply

    I'm following you everywhere. So in. Can't wait for the 6th

  • Ibiere Ihyuman

    November 1, 2015., 8:12 pm / Reply

    I am so so in

  • onyi

    November 2, 2015., 4:24 pm / Reply

    I am in

  • christabel

    November 3, 2015., 11:57 am / Reply

    I am in.

  • christabel

    November 3, 2015., 11:58 am / Reply

    I am in

  • Prettybussy

    November 3, 2015., 1:24 pm / Reply

    Am in

    • Dr chinasa

      November 3, 2015., 8:54 pm / Reply

      ok maam. please do follow the instructions. and request to join group. See You soon!

  • Prettybussy

    November 3, 2015., 1:31 pm / Reply

    Please doc, I wanted to check my BMI on your blog but I can't because I know I am 5 feet 9 inches but I don't know it in centimetres or what? Pls help me out, my weight is 92

  • Aisha

    November 3, 2015., 3:43 pm / Reply

    I am in.

    • Dr chinasa

      November 3, 2015., 8:57 pm / Reply

      ok maam. please do follow the instructions. and request to join group. See You soon!

  • Sajdah

    November 4, 2015., 12:49 pm / Reply

    I am in!

  • temilade

    November 4, 2015., 12:54 pm / Reply

    I'm in.

  • Zainab

    November 4, 2015., 10:39 pm / Reply

    I'm in!

  • sheyi

    November 5, 2015., 4:39 am / Reply

    I'm in. I've tried to add you on bbm still waiting for your confirmation. Pls confirm and add me to this challenge.


    November 5, 2015., 10:04 pm / Reply

    […] for our “get your santa body challenge”?  Well if you havent signed up, Read this post and send a request on Facebook to join […]

  • Ifeoma

    November 8, 2015., 8:39 am / Reply

    am sooo in.

  • Ene

    November 24, 2015., 9:01 pm / Reply

    I know that I am coming in weeks late but I am ready to start or continue. Any hope of getting in. ?

    • Dr chinasa

      November 25, 2015., 2:16 pm / Reply

      oh so sorry. its late already. Do subscribe to the blog for other challenges up in the future.

  • dee

    November 25, 2015., 5:04 pm / Reply

    Is it possible for me to still join the challenge?

    • Dr chinasa

      November 26, 2015., 3:00 pm / Reply

      oh sorry. its late. however, do subscribe to the blog for regular updates on upcoming challenges.

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