Fit Mum Struggles 1

I don’t know about you, but trust me when I say being a mum and staying fit are 2 damn hard extremes.  You know the female hormones literally do not favor this fitness hussle. You work so hard, and the results be showing like a pinch of salt. Walahi, it is not easy.


But if you are really about the healthy lifestyle, you have to find a way, somehow to make it work.  From waking  up 15 mins earlier to get in your exercise routines to cooking your own meals differently from the family meals if you must. Then if unfortunately, you stay in Lagos, then it is 2 times harder.

Every morning, as soon as, my alarm rings, I tell myself, I have to conquer the day. I have to be better than I was yesterday. Then I get up and exercise hard. However, this does not always work. Sometimes, after telling myself I want to be better today, another voice will tell me to just sleep. That voice  also reminds me of my craving for Iya basira’s buka ayamase sauce.

It is a struggle…..