FIT FOR SEX – The Series (1)




Dear Dr Chinasa,

No one sees the heaviness in my heart. No one understands. I have tried… tried so hard. But I am tired.


Oh yes! I have done everything in the book.  But then, I failed. Or, should I say, they all failed me. Drugs, teas, exercises, herbs… none seemed to help me lose weight.

When we first found out we were expecting a baby, our joy knew no bounds. The months rolled by like a breeze, each month with its own trials, though not exactly overwhelming.

Then the weight started piling on. Before this time I was a comfortable UK size 8/10, endowed in the right proportions. By the time I was 6 months pregnant I was a Size 16.  Then he started to give me the side eyes. I assured him all the weight will go  after the baby.

2 days after delivery, I was wearing a size 18 gown. I could not believe it. However, Ada, my daughter was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. And she was a consolation.

Ada turns 1 next week.  I ordered a size 18 blouse and pants from an online store.

We have not had sex in 7 months.

You see, before Ada came, we waited 3 years intentionally to bond. He is my dream man and he loves us so dearly. However, since Ada came, I lost my mojo. Plus, I have no interest in being as adventurous anymore. It is so much work keeping my legs in the air, and I am always tired.

The look in his eyes the last time we made love (the look of “this is not the woman I married”.) is not something I want to see anymore. Well, or maybe, not any time soon. He was disgusted.

I am tired.


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