Exercising with Back Pain

Have you had back pain before? Then you will agree with me that exercising with back pain can be the worse thing ever! So, I have been exercising pretty consistently for the past eleven years and one thing is certain, I am not stopping any time soon.

Ok… scratch that. I stopped some time ago. Five years ago,  I started having the worst back pains ever. I could not sit at work. I could not exercise. Every movement was extremely painful.



After a  visit to the orthopedic surgeon and scans later, I was diagnosed with lumbar spondylosis. Ah!  I was placed on bed rest and plenty of pain relief medications.

After sometime, I went back to the doctor to ask, ‘Is this how  I am meant to live the rest of my life?’ Well, one thing was certain, this was a degenerative condition, meaning that there is almost no cure. So it has to be managed.

After series of physiotherapy i began exercising again. You see eh, the benefits of exercising is more than weight loss (even though I gained weight in my pain) Exercising improves your heart health, mental health, clarity, mood, manage blood pressure, blood sugar and lots more.

So, with back pain, you have to modify your exercises. So, what exercise can you do with back pain?


Yes o…. That is all you can actually do so you do not worsen inflammation. You start slow and gradually build your pace. However, one thing is important, listen to your body at all times. If you feel very off, run to your physician.

But can you exercise with back pain, Yes. You can walk.  It takes a lot of mental conditioning. And that is the part you will have to overcome….