Exercising in pregnancy


The more active you are in pregnancy, the easier it will be to cope with your gradually increasing weight and also make labor and postpartum easier.

Exercising in pregnancy will not affect your baby. They will strengthen your muscles, relieve back and joint pain, make your snap back post pregnancy easier, and make you feel good.



If you were not active before pregnancy, do not take up any new exercises in pregnancy. Just keep at walking for at least 20-30mins daily. Or as you feel you are able to.

If you were active before pregnancy, it is not a time for you to stop. Get clarification from your doctor and stay active. You can pretty much do a lot of exercises you are used to. As your belly gets bigger, you will begin to slow down. Trust me when that time comes, you will not need someone to tell you.

However, after 16weeks, stay away from exercises that involve you lying on your back. This will make the weight of your growing baby press on your blood vessels thus impeding circulation.

Stay away from any from of contact sports. And any routines that can make you miss your balance and fall. We want to stay safe through out.

So if you are still sitting down on the couch, binging on plantain chips and making excuses why, its time you get up and take a walk!