Research has shown that exercising does not decrease your breast milk production. Once a mother has an ‘all-clear’ from her doctor, she can start mild-moderate exercising. Eating healthy meals in appropriate portions combined with exercise will aid mother’s return to her pre-pregnancy weight.


So you want to shed that baby fat, get up and move.

Keep these tips in mind while exercising and breastfeeding for a rewarding experience:

  • Start slow. Do not over work yourself
  • Drink at least 3 liters of water everyday
  • Always breastfeed before you exercise (you don’t want dumbbells on your chest)
  • Use really firm bras. Double if you must. Having your ‘girls’ all over the place is not very comfortable.
  • If you are into strength training, start with smaller than your usual sized weights.
  • If you choose to walk, wear your baby while you walk or jog. It will help build endurance.
  • Clean/wash sweat off  nipple before breastfeeding baby post workout