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Research has shown that exercising does not decrease your breast milk production. Once a mother has an ‘all-clear’ from her doctor, she can start mild-moderate exercising. Eating healthy meals in appropriate portions combined with exercise will aid mother’s return to her pre-pregnancy weight.


So you want to shed that baby fat, get up and move.

Keep these tips in mind while exercising and breastfeeding for a rewarding experience:

  • Start slow. Do not over work yourself
  • Drink at least 3 liters of water everyday
  • Always breastfeed before you exercise (you don’t want dumbbells on your chest)
  • Use really firm bras. Double if you must. Having your ‘girls’ all over the place is not very comfortable.
  • If you are into strength training, start with smaller than your usual sized weights.
  • If you choose to walk, wear your baby while you walk or jog. It will help build endurance.
  • Clean/wash sweat off  nipple before breastfeeding baby post workout








  • Idee

    October 22, 2016., 3:42 pm / Reply

    Good evening Doc, it's four weeks since I put to bed, and my best form of exercise is skipping and running, am not in the position to start running now, but want to know if I can start skipping, considering the tear I had is still healing.

    • Dr Chinasa

      October 22, 2016., 8:56 pm / Reply

      hi. congrats on your new baby. Enjoy the moment, recover, Eat dieting. When you get a clear from your doctor, then you can commence exercising gradually.

  • juliet

    November 4, 2016., 4:03 pm / Reply

    Gud evening doc,my baby ll b 4 on d 6th of Nov but I still have not shed any weight my arm is adding up every day I even find it hard to do exercise bc I feel pains d only time I tried it wat do I do I rily want to go back to my formal weight

    • Dr Chinasa

      November 4, 2016., 8:43 pm / Reply

      You need to start eating what is essential.Not just eating for the sake of eating. No junks. Start with brisk walks ad other low intensity exercises. Gradually,get back into the game. Your body has been through a lot, producing another human is not an easy feat. But you need to start doing real work.

  • Maryam

    November 19, 2016., 8:10 pm / Reply

    Hi doc, I gave birth 9days ago. I had no tire during birth, pls when do u think I can start exercising.

    • Dr Chinasa

      November 19, 2016., 8:26 pm / Reply

      Many congrats on your new baby. Please enjoy the moment and rest as that is what you need currently. Getting back into exercising depends on a lot of factors. Tell your doctor before yo commence any strenuous activity

  • noka

    June 22, 2017., 10:54 am / Reply

    Hi Doc! I'm 11 weeks PP. What time is right to start skipping? though I've been going for long walk (up to 1 hr) which is no longer feasible due to rain and baby cant stay home alone. I tried skipping 1 week ago and felt pain on my lower abdomen a day after. Ps: I had cs and was certified ok 6 wks post op but I didn't ask and exercises

    • Dr Chinasa

      June 30, 2017., 2:34 pm / Reply

      Start exercising slow, then build up your intensity.

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