Excuses 1

“oh, i just had a child, i cant exercise yet till she starts primary school”.

“I had C.S, with my last baby who is 2 years old,I cant exercise yet”.

“i wake up very early. i have 4 kids. i have no time”.

“I exercise every weekend. I try to relax every Saturday with a pot of isi ewu and 1 small bottle of orijin”.

“I go to the gym every 3 days. I am not loosing weight. I chill at the bar in the gym before i leave though”

“Ah, i cant loose weight because we are big in our family. we have big bones”.

These are but a few of the comment i get from women (and some men) when they are asked to work out. Excuses. There has always been a reason for something and there will always be a reason.. The question is, “how bad do you want it”?

Do you want to be on a wheelchair at 80, because you are so weak to walk? Do ¬†you want to have your grand children over to visit you and you can’t even play hide and seek with them? Do you want to spend your old age in and out of the hospital battling diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, or obesity?

Why don’t you take a stand today. Find a balance in your life and stay there. Leave isiewu and nkwobi alone. Make healthy alternatives. Eat right. Snack wise. Get active. Get the kids active. Be happy. And your future self will thank you for the decision you made today!