I had known *Chukwuma for seven months. When we first met, he was a newly diagnosed hypertensive on three different anti hypertensive medications. Some weeks ago, he came in with a poorly controlled blood pressure (190/120 mmHg)  and I counselled him again on lifestyle modification.

So, you see, Chukwuma is a business man selling at *Ladipo market (a big automobile parts market in Lagos). He needed to stop eating the foods cooked at the market (as he couldn’t control how it is prepared), he needed to move more and try to get in enough sleep. When I told him of the changes he needed to make to his meals and lifestyle, his response was ‘Something must kill an African man’.

Unfortunately, Chukwuma did not recover from the stroke he had two weeks ago. He was just 42 years.



As 2019 comes to an end, have you taken a stock of your health journey this year?

Did you live intentionally with your health? If you did not, what are you waiting for?


The new year is an opportunity to start all over. It is an opportunity to take charge of your health.


While you set business and career goals for 2020, please do set health goals too.

Like I always say to anyone that cares to listen, ‘do not be so selfish as to be a burden to your children in your old age, from choices you made in your younger years’.


Remember, if you need help adopting a healthy lifestyle, send a mail to [email protected] or click https://ariellahealthandfitness.com/schedule-a-consultation/ to schedule a consultation with me.


The goal is a healthier you!


* Note: true story, however some details has been modified for confidentiality purposes.