Eat More and Lose weight


Yes, you heard me right! To lose weight effectively and sustainably, you have to eat more.  Now how do you apply this principle and still loose weight?



When you are trying to get in shape, you have to eat more lower calorie foods. For example, a common Nigerian breakfast is Tea (cocoa beverage), white bread (average of 4 slices spread with butter) . The beverage drink has about 225cal (each table spoon of milo is 75cal), and  bread and butter is about 430cal. Thus breakfast alone is 655cal.

Compare it to having ½ cup of oats with skimmed milk, 1 apple, 2 boiled eggs which is approximately 390cal. You would feel full after both meals but the calorie difference is  REALLY different.

FRUITS –Some fruits are higher in calories than some.  Bananas and pineapples are higher in calories than apples and pawpaws. Fruits can actually be really filling. So incorporate then in your meals daily.



VEGETABLES- Most veggies are very low in calories, but rich in fibre. Thus they are very filling. Have a serving or 2 of vegetables daily. Ugu, Spinach, greens, lettuce aregreat options we have around.  You will be glad you did



CARBOHYDRATES-  When having carbohydrates, focus on portion size because most carbohydrate foods are calorie dense.  Focus more on wholegrain options like whole grain pasta, brown  rice, bulgur, Fonio, and oatsmeal.




PROTEINS- Always have a protein with every meal. Eggs, milk, fish , and chicken, are good options.  Legumes (beans, peas) are good sources of proteins too  and rich in fiber. They  should constitute a good amount of your meals.



FATS AND OILS – Fats are high calorie foods. However, healthy fats can be obtained from nuts like cashew, almonds and seeds like olives.



So by including more proteins, vegetables and fruits in your meals, you feel fuller for a longer time. And you will find yourself fitting into that size dress you look forward to. Do not starve yourself in the name of weightloss. The principle of balance is not complex. A balanced diet is what you need.