Walking is one of the most underrated exercises ever, especially when it comes to losing weight. But, trust me when i say, if you want to lose weight, walking may be the routine for you. It is very low impact so anyone at any age and no matter how busy you are, can actually embark on it,

These are some walking tips to guide you to effectively losing weight with walking:

  • Walk throughout your day. Yes, because walking is so easy to do, you can actually walk around right after meals, between meetings, when running errands and even using the staircase a lot more often.
  • Alternating your walking speed is a good way to burn more calories. I wrote about it here
  • Use stair cases more often or if your have hills around you, hit the tracks. Walking uphill burns calories faster.
  • Maintain a good form while walking and make use of your arms, swinging them as you move.
  • Set a step target and be determined to crush it. A good start point is 10,000 steps per day goal.
  • As you know, you need a calorie deficit to lose weight. Do not walk and eat back all the calories expended.Make healthy food choices and focus on predominantly whole foods, plant based options.
  • Stay off junk foods and ultra processed foods. You definitely do not want to ruin your efforts.
  • Incorporate body weight exercises like squats, push ups,lunges into your walks. Strength training helps you burn more calories too.
  • Rest when you need to. Manage stress effectively by practicing breathing exercises and hey, do not forget to catch some good sleep. The recommendation is 7 to 9 hours a day.

Stay healthy!