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Our passions were rising. We had a lot of fit sessions together in the gym and were always willing to try out a new healthy food spot together….We truly enjoyed each other’s company.


Then Nnamdi, my fiancé, decided to start coming to the gym with me. I was spooked. I had never been unfaithful to him despite the strong chemistry between Chima and me.

Our first gym date turned out to be so much fun. More than I expected. Chima was not around that day and silently, I was glad.

One day at a time, Nnamdi became addicted. Oh yes, exercising is addictive. 
Finally we were being equally yoked. Then I knew, 
I was ready to take the next step to the altar.

We, together, lost the pot belly… and my joy knew no bounds

Let me tell you a little about me. Love has never been a prerequisite for a relationship. Compatibility is key for me and it is all-encompassing.

Nnamdi was becoming my dream man physically. He was loving my passion. The fire in our 3-year relationship was rekindled. It was the best time of our lives…until the day she walked into the gym.

She was wearing a yellow sport crop top and tight-fitting leggings.

Anita was tall, curvy in the right proportions, fit (a bit muscular) and all round gorgeous…even when sweaty.

She was the beginning of my nemesis….