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Musings, Series

How can I be in love with someone who belongs to someone else?




I was about to get into the bus on that sunny afternoon at Obalende when I tripped over. Somehow, he was right behind me and he caught my fall. I thanked him, but his striking build captivated me immediately.


“You must spend a lot of time working out”, I heard a deep baritone say in a slightly mocking voice. “My name is Chima”, he added.


I literally stammered my name…then we started chit chatting about fitness, exercise routines and healthy meals.


I got to my bus stop, praying silently that he will alight from the bus with me. My prayers weren’t answered. However, that whole Tuesday afternoon, I could not get Chima out of my mind. But he was out of my mind by the break of dawn.


After series of heartbreaks, I have learnt to guard my heart jealously. I have learnt to think of myself first. And that was exactly what I was doing until I heard a familiar voice call out to me in the gym….


Four weeks later, I am staring Chima in the face…sweaty from a rigorous work-out. All of a sudden, I felt like visiting the loo. My tummy could not stop rumbling but I was sure I wasn’t hungry.


Then I saw it! The gold band on his left 4th finger. I smiled. “You married?” I asked. “Oh yes, I am. But I am not going to miss getting your number and asking you out to dinner”, he replied.


We talked about what I really do not know, but basically around healthy food and workout routines, and we settled on lunch.


We exercised a bit together…. And then I knew I was getting into trouble.


Lunch dates escalated into dinner dates, but Chima never made any advances. He loved his overweight wife. I loved my pot bellied fiancé.


But fitness, our passion, is raising…our passion.


……To be continued


  • Christizdee

    September 24, 2017., 1:22 pm / Reply

    That feeling when you see a Fit, Cute guy???Hmmmmm waiting for concluding part!!!!

    • Dr Chinasa

      September 24, 2017., 9:06 pm / Reply

      hehehehe.... Thank you so much for reading.

  • Brenda

    September 24, 2017., 1:40 pm / Reply

    Should i prepare some popcorn?

    • Dr Chinasa

      September 24, 2017., 9:05 pm / Reply

      Oh yes you should. :) Thank you so much for reading.

  • Anaga Uche

    September 24, 2017., 1:51 pm / Reply

    Awesome post

  • Chioma

    September 24, 2017., 2:45 pm / Reply

    You and chima are just long throat people... I can't wait for part 2. Real issues though. Thank you. XOXO

    • Dr Chinasa

      September 24, 2017., 9:05 pm / Reply

      Thank you so much for reading.

  • don't know what to write here cos I can't see what is written

    September 24, 2017., 8:15 pm / Reply

    Hi Dr, your blog can't be read because the font is white and the background colour is milky/ off white. All that is visible is the milky colour, but the words cannot be seen. Please look into this. I probably won't be able to read this comment once it's posted (for laughs).

    • Dr Chinasa

      September 24, 2017., 9:05 pm / Reply

      Oh my! So sorry about that. However, the font on the blog is black. Maybe try viewing from a different browser. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you get to experience some inspiration soon.

  • Adaora

    October 4, 2017., 5:00 pm / Reply

    Captivating story Doc. U have me hooked.

  • Ezinwa

    October 7, 2017., 9:31 am / Reply

    Aww! NYC story. Can't wait for the rest

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