I get often asked this question a lot of times. Which is more important for Weight loss? Diet or Exercise?



Truth be told, despite both being very important, what you put into your mouth matters most.

You see, for you to attain weight loss, you have to create a calorie deficit. Spending 2 hours in the gym is not enough to give you that deficit, considering that a regular pair of basic wheat sandwich till has over 200calories.

It is harder to burn calories than to take it in. That is why, whatever you eat and the time you eat it is key.

Do not reward your exercises with food. That way you pile up more calories than you spent exercising.

Plan your meals. Do not indulge in mindless eating. It sets you up for failure in the weight loss journey.


If you really want to move the fat away for your body eat meals with lots of protein, fruits and vegetables, good carbs, limit processed foods and sugars and drink plenty of water.


“Abs are really made in the Kitchen”.