Diet and Exercise

Dieting according to Wikipedia  is the practice of eating food in a regulated and supervised fashion to decrease, maintain, or increase body weight. In other words, it is conscious control or restriction of the diet.


Now I prefer the use of the word portion control. Unfortunately, most people opt for the restriction of diet part. I am a firm advocate of eating foods from all food groups in controlled portions. You have to find a balance. If you choose to stay off carbs, and you are on the weightloss journey for the long term, when you re-introduce carbs back into your diet, you will gain the weight back. Our foods are loaded with carbs. But we are in 9ja so what can we do. Increase your vegetable portion, reduce your carb portion, and include proteins in your meals. Eggs are cheaper protein options. Source out low carb meals from your area. Make healthier alterntives.


Its important you find a balance. Eat foods in season. Draw up meal plans for yourself and stick with it. Don’t give in to spontaneous eating. When you are hungry, eat real food. Planning your meals ahead of time puts you in control. Learn to plan. It’s a key to successful healthy living.

The Exercise part is also as essential. However you should not be confused at the amount of sweat you sweat while working out. With the kind of heat now in 9ja, even if you don’t exercise, you will sweat. Plan to exercise at least 3 times a week for 20mins each. You dont need a gym membership to start exercising. Do you have a small space infront of your bed? Get down and get busy.

Take 100% responsibility of your actions. Excuses are for losers. You have to find a way somehow in your busy schedule to take care of yourself. Life will always be super busy. Always. You have to find time. One of my lecturers in medical school said,’if you want to excel in medicine, then you cannot afford to have 8hours sleep at night’. Don’t spend all your hours sleeping while others are getting their dream bodies.




See you soon!!