Detox for Weight loss

healthy eating and vegetarian diet concept - word detox with juice, fruits and vegetables

These days, foods we eat are laden with lots of chemicals and preservatives. These toxins can have adverse effects on our bodies. Thus the need for a detox. A detox is a form of cleansing, getting rid of toxins in the body.


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The liver and kidneys are the body’s detoxifying organs. However, it is essential that sometimes, the work load placed on the organs be eased a little.

These toxins in our bodies cause weakness, mood swings, bloating and even skin irritation. If you are on the health/weight loss journey, a periodic detox is essential to improve your metabolism and optimize the function of your body systems.


A detox is also essential at the start of your weight loss journey. It will get your body ready for your new lifestyle.

There are different fruits, vegetables and foods used for a detox depending on one’s geographical location. Whatever choice of detox you choose to adopt, ensure complex carbs and fats are limited. And always take a lot of water while on a detox since water is also a good detoxifier.

Don’t go on a detox longer than 7 days as this can send your body into starvation mode and that could hamper your goals..

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