The Christmas season can be extremely busy and also extremely indulgent. Somehow, health and fitness is not actually one of Santa’s major priorities.

It’s not surprising that many people struggle to maintain a healthy focus in December. You’ll probably identify with some of the following problems if your health and fitness takes a back seat:

  • I’m too busy with Christmas preparations to fit exercise into my day
  • Work is very hectic with end of the year activities
  • The children are on holiday, i have no spare time of my own
  • I love Christmas but I know I overdo the eating and drinking. I can’t help it.
  • In January, I will make amends and even embark on a fast!

If any of those phrases ring a few bells, these tips can help you. To enjoy the Christmas celebrations and maintain a healthy focus.

  • Maintain your exercise routines

Simply plan, inform and execute. Plan in some shorter and/or less frequent exercise sessions. Explain to your friends and family the changes you’re making, but also the importance of keeping your fitness going, and then put your plan into action. A little exercise is better than nothing,

  • Time efficient exercise strategies

Here, short intense workout is important. Focus on the quality of your workouts than the quantity.  HIIT will help keep your fitness level from plummeting this season.

  • Calorie saving ideas

Christmas is always a challenge to keep your calorie intake at normal levels but with a little planning you can still enjoy all the festivities and keep the calories in check.

Eat light meals in the day if you will be having a ball later at night. Spread out your calorie intake. Incorporate intermittent fast in your day and keep your eating window around time of festivities.

By training smartly and following a few sensible eating strategies, you can maintain your fitness, balance out your calories and arrive at the New Year in good shape. 

Compliments of the season and stay healthy!