Chika’s Musings


Hi, My name is Chika Attama.

No, I am not a writer. I am a life student. In my almost 3 decades on earth, I can say I have had a near smooth run. God has always been there for me. But now, I have a challenge! No, it’s not financial, it’s not emotional, it’s not life threatening з.

It’s my WEIGHT!! Damn! I need to loose all this extra fat! Big stomach, wide hips, adequate bum, and palm kernel boobies. (Try not to picture me) Agreed, growing up, I have always been fatter than all my siblings, even though they eat way more than I do.

But, can’t a nigga just be grown, eat as she likes and still be sexy? I always wonder how all these fitfam people do it, so I decided to join them thinking it’s going to be an easy feat. But no, life had other plans for me.

I remember way back in my final year in the university, I was a size 12 then. One of my lecturers saw me walking down the stairs and said to me “in 2 years time, you will so big, no one will recognise you”.

Ehn?! Yous say?! As a believing child of God, I replied immediately “uncle no o. I’m going to watch it”. Fast forward to final week in d university. I took some pictures, and when I got the soft copies on my phone, I was amazed! Like, is this me? How? When? Could this be a result of all the gala, suya, alcohol (oh! How I used to love alcohol), icecream and other junks? I looked so bloated! Anyway, I shook it off. I’ll burn it off. And burn it off I did, thanks to NYSC camp. I maintained a size 10/12 till I finished serving my fatherland. Then, I left Akwaibom where I served, back to Ibadan, my base, to begin masters.

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