The term “cheat day” is used a lot in the weight loss cycle. This is a day set apart, when someone on a weight loss journey will eat something “non-weight loss compliant”.




Now pardon me oh, I don’t get the reason why you have to have a day to eat unhealthy foods. What is the point exactly? That is one of the reasons why I do not subscribe for all these diet programs. When you are on a sustainable weight loss journey, you will learn balance. You will learn portion control. You really do not have to set out one day in the week to ruin all the hard work of the week. You should find a balance.


However, If you think you must have a cheat something every week, why not make it a “cheat meal” instead of a cheat day. Just have one meal.  One portion. Not sacrificing the whole day to turn your body into dustbin.


Do not eat a meal that will trigger a “bad-eating” spree. Its just like quitting smoking, the day you decide to taste a cigarette again, you will most likely go back to the bad habit.

Plan your indulgence meal. Don’t just enter a junk food store and start trying to make a decision in there.

In my opinion however, forget Cheat days, and set your mind on the prize.If you are about healthy eating (at least 80% of the time)  and exercising, you will loose craving for bad foods. This thing is all in the mind really. Set your mind on your goal. Temptations will come, yes. But you have to stay steadfast. Be disciplined.



“No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.” Luke 9:62