Nigerian foods: Counting your calories 1

People always complain about typical Nigerian foods being very starchy. This is true. But these foods are very rich in nutrients as they are almost purely organic. Thanks to effects of both animal and human faeces which act as crop fertilizers. How much more organic can our foods get.

Today I am going to outline some common staple foods in 9ja, and their calorie content. I will continue with this list in subsequent posts.

NOTE too that these calories are approximates as they tend to vary with amount of ingredients used in the preparation.

1 cup of boiled brown beans 226 cal

1 cup of boiled white rice 200cal

1 cup of jollof rice (made with 1tbsp of sunflower oil, onions, pepper, tomatoes and seasoning) 386cal

1 cup of porridge beans(without yam or sweet potato)  (with 1 tbsp of palm oil, tomatoes, pepper, onion, knorr cube) 390cal

2 small packets of indomie chicken curry flavor 684cal

1 cup of pounded yam 400cal

1 cup of Moimoi (made with 1tbs of oil, onions, pepper, salt, knorr) 360cal

1 cup of Akpu/fufu 330cals

1 ball of akara 71cal

1 boiled egg 70cal

1tbs of 9ja stew (with very little oil) 40cal (the more the oil, the more the calorific content)

1 cup of garri 200cal

1 titus sardine 260cal

1 boiled medium yellow plantain 250 cal

**measurements used here is the regular baking measuring cups. And they are approximates for cooked foods.



To be continued……