Acha (Fonio) – Nigerian food for weight loss



Acha also known as ‘hungry rice’  (or Fonio in Europe, Digitaria exilis) is one food very common in the northern part of Nigeria. This enriched grain is so full of nutrients and very good for weight loss. An added advantage is that it has low glycemic index, thus making it favorable for diabetics.

100g of Acha has about 360cal made up mainly of fiber (carbohydrates) and proteins. it is rich in essential amino acids and phosphorus too.

Acha can be eaten as pudding like oats, or porridge, or in swallow form like eba.

It’s versatility is amazing and the fact that is not greatly appreciated is saddening.


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Now the only challenge is usually in the washing. Since acha is mixed with sand, you have to wash it like olden days local rice. With plastic bowls and water.  Your spirit will minister to you if you washed it well, and it’s sand less. My advice, pray before washing. Lest you be eating sandy porridge.

So if you are in search of healthy grain alternatives in Nigeria, go for our own produce. It’s cheaper than bulgur, quinoa and jasmine rice. You don’t have to rob a bank to eat healthy.

Have you tried acha before?  How do you like it?