9ja weightloss hussle!

Happy Sunday , people. I hope your weekend has been going beautifully despite the scarcity of fuel here in Lagos. Well, we don’t literally have control over that situation but we sure do have control over what we put into our mouths. We have control over how we choose to live our lives. Healthy or Obese? Fit or Not?
Life is full of choices. What choices are you making? Are they right ones for the moment or are they choices with repercussions?

I always say, “Invest in your calories”. Try to create a balance between calories you ingest and the amount you work out.
There are good and bad calories. It’s not just about the amount of calories you take in; it’s also about the quality of these calories.

Take for example, a medium sized (227g) Coldstone banana ice cream contains 500 calories while a cup of boiled brown beans with 2 cups of tomato Vegetable (Ugu-pumpkin leaves) sauce(made with a teaspoon of vegetable oil) and 85g of boiled or grilled chicken has approximately 495calories.

cold stone

image credit:pintrest


Image credit: mine(sometimes when funds are low, I see eggs like chicken. And they eggs taste like grilled chicken on these days actually  :/ )

So you get my point bah?

Now the beans dish is a more nutritious food. And it’s FOOD. The ice cream is well NOT FOOD.
So  a typical person will go to d’palms Lekki, have the ice cream with some chocolate and nut toppings, and still go on to order a real meal of probably Fried rice and moimoi with fried chicken and mayonnaise filled salad. Then will get home and jog later on for about 15 mins burning between 100-150cals.
Where the excess calorie intake wan go? Mba, you don’t burn calories in the toilet! So the remaining go  dey accumulate for your body dey form “six pouch”.

Now tell me my people, how do you expect the weight loss gods to favor this action?

Make healthy wise choices!