Loosing weight in the recession



Hello tribe,
How have you all been? It is a challenging time currently in the country. The inflation is biting hard on a lot of people.



Before the recession, people had excuses that eating healthy eating was very expensive. Well, now that reason may be applicable, because everything is actually expensive.With all these environmental and manmade discomforts, it’s easy for one to just decide to move with the wind and eat whatever comes by.

You can lose weight in this recession by, not starving yourself, but eating clean, conscious, healthy meals.


  • Change where you shop. I can go to 3 different markets/supermarkets on grocery shopping day. Budget shopping is key.
  • Eat local foods. You cannot be looking for broccoli in lagos and get it the same price as Ugu leaves. Garden eggs are in season and they are cheaper than apples. Eat your apples, but eat more garden eggs….you get my point?
  • Buy what you need. If you do not need any food, don’t buy it. Shop according to your needs
  • Portion your meals. like 1 piece of yam instead of 2.
  • If you cannot afford a gym membership, workout at home. Run on the road. Be creative.
  • Drink a lot of water. It’s cheaper than soda and alcohol.
  • Lastly, Don’t eat when you are angry. You may make wrong food choices (there are so many reasons to be angry with the economy)