Palm oil pepper sauce Recipe



Palm oil is literally the most common cooking oil in Nigeria.

Unfortunately,  it’s one of the most controversial cooking oils available. Is it healthy? Is it not healthy?

Do we use palm oil? Do we not?

Well, though 1 tbsp of Palm oil has about 120 calories, most of which is  from fat ????????. But it’s still rich in carotenoid, Vitamin E, antioxidants, and vitamin A.

Now do we eat or not?


You definitely want to watch your waist line and your heart.


Well, in the spirit of portion control, you should try out this Palm oil pepper sauce.

5 Tatashe

6 red pepper (ata rodo)

2 medium balls of onions

3 tomatoes

1/2 cup of Palm oil.

1 tbsp of crayfish

1 pcs of stock fish (shredded) (optional)


In a blender, put in tomatoes, tatashe,  ata rodo, 1 onions blend together.

In a pot on stove, put in Palm oil, dice in the 2nd onions, with crayfish.


Add in blended puree. Rinse blender with small water and pour in too.

Add in salt and bullion cube if desired and stockfish

Allow to cook. It’s cooked when the puree starts sticking to the base of the pot.

This sauce can be paired with boiled sweet potatoes, boiled plantains,  boiled yam, or any other solid desire of your heart????????