Happy new year 2017


Hey Lovelies,
Happy new year.
Welcome, 2017.
No pain, no gain.
That’s just the classic reality of how we tumbled through the now forgone year.
The pains caused by the worst hit economic recession (in Nigeria)  in a while, our respective personal challenges, goals which still remained dreams, the pains of health challenges, the challenges of the pregnancy and all worth not, but we are overcomers. Yes, we conquered!
Just like the refined gold that passes through the furnace to be what it is, 2016 played the furnace. But look at us now, we are much better, stronger, prettier, with high degree of a positive body-image. 2016 just proved that we don’t die, we multiply.
As we jejely soar into 2017,have we made our resolutions? What plans do we have for our health this new year? Do you want to be your healthiest this year?
At Ariella health and fitness, we can breath  life into your healthy lifestyle resolutions. We hope to turn those dreams to reality. You don’t have to make the journey on your own.  We would be with you at every step of the way. Lett us be your weight-loss “buddy”. Let us help you be your healthiest, in your own space, at your own pace. Contact us.