I don’t know how it happened, but for some reason,  rice is a Sunday staple in a typical Nigerian family.  People like DH swears that eating  rice completes the Sunday spirituality.  Well I used to be of the same school of thought until the scale kept moving progressively to the right.  Then I knew it was time to be born again.  Salvation knocked on my door.  And I quickly answered.  Not without temptations though.  Now that was in 2011.

I began a journey to better healthier life.   I knew I had to put a check on certain foods and embrace  whole foods.  Portion control.  That is the key word.

Today for Lunch,  I had a cup of jollof rice with vegetable-avocado salad,  a piece of meat and some fried plantains.  Hmmmm.. There is some spirit beside fried plantain.  It takes a bucket of God’s grace to fry plantain and not eat it half way straight from the pan. (I try not to fry except occasional craving days).  Kai mehn,  the struggle for a sexy body is real.  But we shall conquer.

Eat right.  Eat colorful.  Eat fresh.

Live. Love. Inspire.

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